Create an emuMMC

Before getting started you will need the following:

  • A hackable Nintendo Switch.

  • An SD Card that is 64GB or larger.

  • Latest version of Atmosphere and Hekate.

Once you are ready, follow the guide below:

  1. Launch Hekate.

  2. Select Tools, open the bottom right table and select Partition SD Card

  3. If you see this screen you can continue, otherwise backup the files via USB

  4. Drag the emuMMC (RAW) slider around to match your needs. One emuMMC copy is 29856MB in size

  5. Select Next Step, Start and wait for it to finish

  6. Go back to the home menu and select emuMMC

  7. Select Create emuMMC

  8. Select SD Partition

  9. Select the partition you want

  10. Wait for it to finish

  11. Tap on “Close” on the top right, tap on “Launch”, and boot into your emuMMC.


    If you downloaded Hekate by itself then you needed to create a hekate_ipl.ini file in your bootloader folder. That is outside the scope of this guide. If you don’t know how to do that then use the SDSetup bundle.

  12. Congratulations you are done. You can go into “System Settings”, scroll down to “System”, and you should see an “E” at the end of your “Current version:” indicating you are in your emuMMC.